Group coaching offers the guidance of a certified life coach to provide a safe space for confidential conversation, introduce new concepts and tools, facilitate discussion, and encourage action behind goals. Add to that the sharing, community, brainstorming, and accountability of the group, and it’s an unbeatable formula.

Working with a group of individuals who share similar challenges and dreams is hugely empowering.

My groups meet in person, in the Chicago area, in four or more weekly sessions of 1 1/2 to 2 hours each. I also can come to your location for a one or two-day intensive.

“Our coaching group was ideal, with specific content, tailored exercises, a cohesive group, and a lovely setting! I’d been trying to shift from worrying about missing my kids to pursuing some of my own goals. Thinking through big ideas and potential paths in a supportive group helped me confirm some thoughts I’d been having and feel clarity around my next steps. I have found new confidence and validation to move forward. Thank you!” — Susan


Are you at a crossroads in your life? Feeling a bit lost or stuck? We all go through phases when we feel unmoored and wonder what’s next for us. How will you respond to this time of uncertainty? Will you simply avoid the discomfort and let people or circumstances guide your life? Or will you seize the opportunity and get curious about who you are today, what you want out of life, and what’s keeping you from getting it?

This experience is aimed at those of us who want to stop living by default and start living with intention. We will co-create the group’s agenda based on the members’ needs. Popular topics from past groups have included: Making peace with our inner critic, reframing limiting beliefs, conquering fear of failure, prioritizing self-care, rewriting our stories, overcoming perfectionism, allowing self-compassion, and more.

In this 6-week program, our group (6-12 people) will meet in person, weekly, for 2 hours of learning, conversation, reflection, support, and commitment—and fun!—with the goal to clarify and energize our paths forward. You should expect about 1 hour of “homework” before each session.

Cost: $200 per person. Includes six 2-hour in-person group coaching sessions, one 15-minute individual call with Hélène prior to the start of the program, and one 30-minute follow-up coaching call with Hélène at the end of the program.

“Before participating in Hélène’s Purpose Group, I was struggling with life transitions, with my youngest graduating high school and my elderly parents requiring more care. As a result of our coaching group, I am now able to embrace my gifts and passions and am pursuing goals that reflect my values rather than others’ expectations. I’m also clear on my life’s purpose—one that telegraphs my authentic self and establishes a foundation of trust for the work that I do.”

— Stephanie


Contact me to organize your group coaching experience around your group’s needs and schedule.

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