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Coping with Uncertainty

I’ve been wondering about the world post-pandemic. What will it look like, this “new normal”?

Will we wear masks and elbow bump instead of shaking hands? (I personally favor the lovely Japanese bow.)
Will we have a special pandemic closet (think panic room) filled with cleaning supplies, paper products, and canned goods—just in case?
Will we rent motor homes and plan road trips rather than far-flung adventures?
Will there be doorway temperature scanners as we enter stores and offices?
Will it become the norm to work and study from home?

I have no answers. And living with uncertainty is hard. Whether due to the pandemic or something else in our lives where we have little control.

How do we sit with this discomfort? For my part, I’m trying not to think or plan too far ahead. I am focused on today more than tomorrow, and this week more than next week. Thinking beyond that only stresses me out so what’s the point?

YOUR TURN: How do you cope with uncertainty? What is one thing you can do to let go of control when you have little?

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