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Daniel Karslake: Social Justice Filmmaker

Published on 08/17/2017

What is your life’s purpose?
My soul mission/lifes purpose is to emanate unlimited possibility in all I do.
How are you living your purpose?
I am lucky enough to make movies about people who believe that anything is possible, and who take action to prove that point every day.  Each time I make a film, I get to work with change makers of all kinds who have discovered their own passion, and who understand that there are no limits on what they can achieve.  The purpose of my films is to inspire others to know that nothing is impossible.  I am truly the luckiest guy I’ve ever met!

How did you find your purpose? 
The concept that anything is possible is something that I’ve believed ever since I was a very small child, but it wasn’t until I had a very serious running accident at the age of 21 when I really proved it to myself without a doubt.  I spiral broke my femur (thigh bone) at its thickest point…a very rare and serious injury.  Even though my doctors were all quite morose and told me that I had a very small chance of ever walking unaided again, I simply didn’t believe them.  I stayed laser-focused on my physical therapy for the next six months all the while quietly convinced that I would not only walk but run, tap dance and do hip hop once again.  And that has happened.. in spades! Dance is one of my great loves, and there was just no way I was going to give that up.

Interviewing Archbishop Desmond Tutu for “For the Bible Tells Me So”

What advice do you have for purpose seekers?
Pay attention to what you really care about.  When you read a newspaper, which articles jump out at you?  When you watch the news on television, which stories prick your ears? Once you realize what topics you care about, then it’s not too difficult to figure out why you are here. Learn everything you can about each topic, and then pay close attention to the opportunities the universe sends your way. STAY AWAKE!  All the right doors will appear right in front of you, and you simply need to recognize them and then walk right through them…

Shooting in the slums of Nairobi for “Every Three Seconds”

What resources do you recommend? 
One of the most powerful teachers in my life has been a great thinker named Alan Seale. His book Soul Mission, Life Vision: Recognize Your True Gifts and Make Your Mark in the World been foundational for me. Alan is the founder of the Center for Transformational Presence and continues to have a big impact on my life and work. His thoughts about how we can make this a world that works for everyone are powerful and profound.  


Connect with Daniel Karslake
Email: dan@hortonbrook.com
TED Talk
Personal Facebook Page
Facebook Page “For They Know Not What They Do”
Facebook Page “Every Three Seconds”

Daniel Karslake is an award-winning American director and producer, whose work deals with social justice issues.
Prior to EVERY THREE SECONDS, his latest feature about the potential in each of us play a part in the end hunger & poverty, Karslake directed and produced FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO, a feature documentary about the intersection of religion and homosexuality which premiered in competition at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize.  The film went on to win twelve “best documentary” audience awards at prestigious festivals around the world, and it nabbed the 2008 GLAAD Media Award for Best Documentary Feature.  After a wide theatrical release in more than 140 markets across America, the film was shortlisted for a 2008 Academy award.
FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO has since been translated into more than 20 languages, and in 2010, it was recognized by Entertainment Weekly magazine as “one of five films that has changed the world.”
Karslake, who lives in Berlin with his husband Russ, is currently working on a follow-up to FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO called FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO and a second documentary called HITLER’S MAN IN HOLLYWOOD.

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