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Deborah Williams: Midlife Makeup Expert

Published on 10/14/2020

You help women feel beautiful and confident as they age. What are some of the greatest misconceptions women have about makeup in midlife?

I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that just because we are getting older doesn’t mean we can’t look amazing. I find that as women get older, they either continue to add more makeup or stop wearing it altogether because they are not getting the same results and can’t figure out why. Our faces change as we age so how we apply makeup has to change. The Grace Makeup System shows women step by step how to apply makeup so that it enhances their looks, brings out their beauty, and solves some of those problems we see as we get older.

For example, very often our eyes become heavier looking because we are losing elasticity and collagen in our skin. But if your ‘eye base’ and ‘eye contour’ are applied using the Grace technique, it can take down the heaviness out of that eye right away. It’s the techniques I use that make the difference. Every step contributes to the total look and is aimed at bringing out your most beautiful features.

The first thing I start with is your coloring. If you are not wearing the right colors then you will never look your most vibrant, healthy, and beautiful. Once I know your coloring, the magic of the Grace system begins.

What are the makeup products that a midlife woman cannot do without?

I believe one of the most pro-aging things a woman can do is to find the perfect foundation.  As we get older, our skin becomes finer and little imperfections show through. By creating a flawless palette, you can then draw attention to your most beautiful features. I hear from my hundreds of clients that they either abandoned wearing foundation because they didn’t like the way it felt on their skin or that they simply didn’t know where to start.

Today there are so many formulations; there is a perfect foundation for every woman. The trick is finding the person to color-match you. I also think the foundation should be easy to apply. I personally like a quick application of pressed powder. The one I use is Jane Iredale. Because it’s mineral, the powder does not absorb the moisture in your skin but retains it so the powder does not creep into wrinkles or dry your skin. It’s also so easy to apply and has an SPF.

Of course, Grace Makeup wanted to make a special product just for my clients, so I developed Grace Final Touch. My product has pearl powder and hyaluronic acid in it, two ingredients that are good for the skin of every woman over 50. Most finishing powders are too shiny or frosted and don’t enhance my clients’ skin. But Grace Final Touch gives a soft, beautiful, skin-perfecting finish without the shine and the frost.

Grace Final Touch

What are makeup products women should stay away from in midlife and beyond?

In helping women look their most beautiful, radiant, and healthy self, it’s not about the makeup but about you and your individual beauty. I like to use makeup to enhance a woman’s features, so it becomes about your beautiful eyes, not the blue eye shadow. Playing with colors and shine and frost when you are younger is fun—no matter how a 20-year-old applies her makeup, it will always look good because there are no issues such as eye bags or uneven skin tone. There is nothing wrong with a little sparkle and shine as we age, but I think that should be for evenings when the lighting is different and the glam look is appropriate.

How do you work with clients to help them find a simple makeup routine with beautiful results?

The Grace philosophy: Every woman is beautiful and my job and my joy is to show women how to bring out their most beautiful features. It’s that simple. I ask women to come to my studio with their makeup applied the way they normally do it and to bring their makeup & brushes with them. I want to see how they apply their makeup and their own personal makeup style.  Do they have good technique? Are you a glam gal or do you like a more natural look? This is key to helping a client find her best look and feel fabulous. After giving them feedback, we remove their makeup and use gold and silver draping to establish if their coloring is warm or cool. From there, I do a step by step application with the Grace Makeup System.

Every client who steps into my studio has a WOW moment! All of sudden, they can see their own unique beauty and what they don’t like disappears. It’s a little like bait and switch. Bring out your most beautiful features and what you don’t like just fades away. It works every time!

Watch me in action here: https://youtu.be/FDCLOAWmfVQ

A few of my clients

Connect with Deborah Williams:
Email: deborah@gracemakeup.com
Website: Www.gracemakeup.com
Purchase The Grace Factor: How to Look & Feel Your Best on my website or on Amazon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gracemakeupformidlife/
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Deborah Williams has been doing makeup since 1988 after training at the Canadian Opera Company in their pilot wig & makeup program. From that time on she has worked in the film and television industry fluffing her brushes on hundreds of actors. But Deborah wanted to make her mark in her own way. She knew that women like herself over 50 were being ignored in the beauty industry. There was no one person or company that specialized in makeup for women over 40, 50, and beyond. So in 2006 Grace Makeup for Midlife was born.

Deborah currently works at TV stations including the National at CBC and working exclusively with Lorna Dueck at Crossroads. Deborah also works with private out of her studio in Toronto.

Deborah’s recently published book The Grace Factor: How to Look & Feel Your Best in the new midlife!  Makeup techniques for the woman over 50. The Grace Factor is available on her website, Amazon, and at many spas.

Deborah went to McGill University and majored in Physical Education. She has been active personally and professionally in fitness since that time. She has run 9 marathons and ultra-marathons and she ran the prestigious Boston Marathon in 2007. Deborah has coached Learn to Run clinics and now specializes in weight training for women over 50.

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