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Everything Is P%#*ing Me Off Today

I snapped at the pool guy who was giving me a hard time for not adding water to our rental’s leaky pool.

I hung up on the Blue Cross Blue Shield rep who left me on hold for 1/2 hour while he was going to “check on the claim.”

I got testy when I couldn’t figure out Wordle.

My husband looked at me and said, “what’s going on with you today?”

I burst into tears.

As I write this, on Friday February 25, 2022, I am overwhelmed with the news coming out of Europe.

I woke up and looked at my phone to see the horrific destruction Putin is causing by invading Ukraine. He is starting a war and causing death and suffering FOR NO GOOD REASON. I saw the images of desperate people fleeing their homes, holding their babies and pets. I saw the images of heroic Ukrainians standing their ground, risking their lives to defend their nation.

And I feel HELPLESS.

I am tempted to look away. But I can’t. How can I pretend this isn’t happening?

I am letting the tears come. I am allowing myself to feel and express my anger, my sadness, my frustration, my powerlessness.

And when I am spent, for now, I Google how I can help Ukraine and find vetted resources through Charity Navigator. I make a donation, then post on Facebook to encourage others to help too and #StandWithUkraine. It’s not much but it’s something.

YOUR TURN: What’s a time you’ve felt helpless? How have you coped? What’s worked for you?

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