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In my teens and twenties, I used to love spending a leisurely afternoon at the mall. I would go from store to store, browsing the latest fashions, trying on clothing, and purchasing a selection of affordable items that my limited salary would allow. I’d usually stop at the Mrs. Field’s store for a warm chocolate chip cookie and a small container of milk, the perfect energy booster midway through my excursion.

Fast forward 30+ years and I can’t remember the last time I stepped into a mall or a department store. Even before Covid, I’d lost my interest in aimless shopping. I’d only hit the stores when I had a goal in mind—say, I needed a dress for an event—but I did not enjoy this kind of “shopping under pressure.”

Truth is, I am no fashionista. Now that I can afford to splurge on clothing and accessories, I have no interest. I love casual, comfortable, reasonably priced, wash’n wear clothing that feels good and looks good on me. I tend toward neutral tones with the occasional pop of color. And I do most of my shopping online, usually while I’m watching TV. Love the efficiency!

As many of us do, I wear 20% of my closet 80% of the time (I’m on a perpetual quest to purge that 80%). So when I find something I love, I often look to buy two or more of the same item. By then, it’s not unusual for the item to be out of stock or discontinued.

For example, I have these Everlane two-strap black leather slides I love. Now that we are spending half the year in Florida, I chose to leave them there. But I miss them and wish I had another pair in Chicago. They’re a few years old so the company no longer makes them.

What to do?

I found them on Poshmark, gently used, for half the original price. Score!

Another item I love is a Z-Supply black lightweight fleece dolman sleeve cardigan that has also been discontinued. Again, Poshmark to the rescue! I found it brand new, at a reduced price, and bought it in both black and cream colors.

On Poshmark, millions of people resell their unused clothing and accessories, new or secondhand. That dress you’ve never worn with the tags still on it or that gently used handbag, why not posh them now? Oh, and the site doesn’t only carry the more casual and inexpensive brands, you’ll find all the high-end labels too!

I found out about Poshmark from my youngest sister, when I was helping her triage her stuff for her move (I love decluttering). She had large bins of clothing she was selling on the site and had made a mint from her endeavor. She showed me how easy it was to search for items or put items up for sale.

What is it about Poshmark that I find so irresistible? It’s a combination of the treasure hunt (especially if the item has been discontinued), the bargain pricing, not to mention the reduction in waste and consumption. I also love the idea that I’m supporting the sellers, most of whom seem to be women who supplement their income doing this.

Now, before I buy anything new, I check to see if Poshmark carries it. In the last year, I’ve scored some great finds, including: a Cubs tee (we live near Wrigley field), workout tanks with built-in bras (near impossible to find in stores anymore), Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals (slightly used and 1/2 off retail), a Baggallini crossbody handbag (replacing my worn one, use it daily), a Splendid cardigan ($17!), a summer dress (I’d seen it in a local boutique but they didn’t have my size), Allbirds slip-ons (never worn and half price).

Funny thing is, I wear my Poshmark finds ALL THE TIME! One day, I realized that every item of clothing I had on, including the shoes and handbag, had come from Poshmark.

Check out Poshmark for yourself: https://poshmark.com/ And no, I don’t have any skin in the came, no commissions of any sort. I just love this resource and wanted to share it!

YOUR TURN: Have YOU bought or sold on Poshmark? Where do YOU shop online for clothing and accessories? Share your secrets in the comments!

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  1. Rena

    I find now that I’m older I prefer a plain white v-neck T-shirt and a pair of jeans. I don’t have reason to dress up much but even then I can dress it up any way I want to. I buy them by the pack in the men’s department!! Add a great statement piece and a sweater or jacket.

    • Hélène

      I’m with you Rena. No fuss no muss!


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