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Down the Rabbit Hole

A weekly newsletter sharing content to help you live with more wisdom and wonder, including transformational hacks, uncommon ideas, and inspiring art.


by Brian Clark

A weekly personal growth newsletter with the best hand-picked heatlh, wealth, travel, and happiness advice for taking it to the next level at midlife.


Les Nouvelles Femmes

by Véronique Mokski

My friend Susan turned me onto this French life coach who blogs about all things women in midlife. Super fun to notice the commonalities of many of our experiences, even as seen through a European lens! 

Letters from An American

by Heather Cox Richardson

American Historian and Professor of History at Boston College, Richardson unpacks the day’s news with an eye on the history behind the politics. 

Sunday Paper

by Maria Shriver

This weekly newsletter by journalist and Kennedy family member Maria Shriver seeks to “inspire hearts and minds and to elevate the voices and ideas of those trying to move humanity forward.”


by Dave Pell

Essential daily read. In Pell’s words: “Each morning I visit about 75 news sites, and from that swirling nightmare of information quicksand, I pluck the top ten most fascinating items of the day, which I deliver with a fast, pithy wit that will make your computer device vibrate with delight. No bots. No computer algorithms.”

The Pinkcast

by Daniel H. Pink

A periodic short video with science-based tools and tips for working smarter and living better and a few paragraphs about an idea that’s caught his attention and seemed worth sharing.


by Kyle Kowalski

Sloww is creating the web’s deepest guide to the art of living by synthesizing the world’s wisdom on human potential through an interdisciplinary study across diverse yet interconnected disciplines.

The Girlfriend from AARP

Weekly newsletter celebrating women over 40 with the very best in beauty, health, sex, and life advice.

Word Genius

If you’re a word geek like me, this will expand your vocabulary with a word of the day, fun trivia questions, and insightful articles about language.

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