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I Felt a Little Smug

For nearly 3 years, I avoided it. I’d find out after-the-fact that I’d been exposed and still, no sign of it.

Like last Christmas, when over a dozen of us gathered for the holidays and many ended up with Covid. Not me! Or a couple of months ago, when I shared a bed with my husband for a whole week before we found out he’d been unwell due to Covid—my PCR test was negative.

I’d had all the shots, including the latest multivariate booster as soon as it was available back in September. But so many were vaccinated and still getting sick. What was so special about me?

I read up on “Covid virgins” and felt pretty special—there was talk of studying us! I latched onto a theory about people with O positive blood having a special resistance to Covid and thought, yes that’s me!

So when I met other never-Coviders—we were so smug, I know— I always asked them for their blood type and loved it when their answer was a validating O positive. (And I was also surprised at how many of us don’t know our blood types!)

I started to feel a bit invulnerable. I got a little cocky. Maybe even a little careless.

Masks on planes? So annoying. Not hugging? So unfriendly. My collection of hand sanitizers was gathering dust. I mean, with my superhuman O positive blood, why take too many precautions? (Do NOT buy into this fiction!)

A few days after my friend Jim’s funeral in Miami, it started with a sore throat. Soon after, a cough. I thought, just a little cold. I’d had the same symptoms the month prior and tested negative for both Covid and the flu. RSV, the doc said.

The at-home test I took on day 1 (one day after the appearance of symptoms on day 0), which always reliably put me in the clear, nearly immediately showed the tell-tale 2 bright purple lines. I mean, what? Not me, I have O-positive blood!

I had to admit defeat. Covid virgin no more. I’d had a good run.

On day 2, my fever spiked to 102. The cough was relentless. I was exhausted. I rescheduled all my work and social plans for the week and took to the couch (watching the entertaining and undemanding Masterpiece drama, Victoria), then dragging myself to bed for 12 hours of restless sleep facilitated by Nyquil.

On day 3, I started to feel better. The fever had broken overnight and my throat ache had miraculously disappeared. I was left with a lingering cough that made sleep a challenge and kept me on the couch. By day 4, I was 90% back to normal and by day 6, I was testing negative. Now I wondered: Do I have a superhuman immune system? 😉

Back away from Google, Hélène.

Truth is, what facilitated my fairly quick recovery is that I’m fully vaccinated and have no underlying conditions that would put me at risk for severe illness. In any case, I’ve stepped away from my delusions and back to reality, which includes plentiful masks and sanitizer!

YOUR TURN: Have you ever been drawn in by unproven theories (about anything)? Tell us more in the comments!

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  1. Beth Havey

    Wow, what a great post. My husband is immune compromised, but also has type
    O blood. So far he has escaped Covid, but we MASK almost all the time. Coming
    up, a Christmas gathering with relatives who are not vaccinated. Fingers crossed.

    • Hélène

      I am hearing from others who have never had Covid and have O+ blood! Yes, fingers crossed to your health during holiday gatherings…


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