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Ian Taylor: Trekking Leader

Published on 08/10/2017

What is your life’s purpose?
To inspire change through endurance, challenge, and adventure so others can benefit.


How are you living your purpose?
I have lived my dream by climbing Mount Everest to the top in 2008, with the goal to raise funds to build the Mt. Everest Primary school in Uganda with the charity Fields of Life. I am now an ambassador for Fields of Life.

Through my company, Ian Taylor Trekking, I lead expeditions to Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, and many other destinations around the world. Our business supports the Mt. Everest school and the work of Fields of Life.

I have a new target of raising $2,000,000 for water projects in East Africa. I have also set up a trust in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake; we encourage people to contribute, get involved and help rebuild the remote village of Goli in the lower Khumbu region of Nepal.


On the summit of Everest at 29,035 feet, May 2008


How did you find your purpose?
My mission is guided by my faith. I was given the opportunity to climb Everest out of many personal challenges I faced in life. I believed I could do better than what others believed I could. I wanted to do something big.

In 2005, at the age of 27, while on a trip to Peru with a friend, I decided that we should climb Mt. Everest. We set our goal at climbing four mountains on four continents in one year to build the Mt. Everest primary school. I had many challenges along the way but those challenges shaped me, gave me purpose, and helped me understand who I was and how I needed to conduct myself.


Crossing one of the 60 ladders in the Khumbu Ice fall on Everest


What advice do you have for purpose seekers?
I could talk for a long time on this question. If you are already purposely seeking answers, you are well on your way. Set some goals, seek out expert advice, immerse yourself in knowledge and information. Be different, be a marketplace leader for your goals, believe in yourself, and surround yourself with great people.

I believe you need to listen to all people and perspectives so you can formulate well-rounded ideas. Once you have your purpose in place, seek out experts in the areas you are trying to become an expert in, and read as much as you can in all areas of your purpose.

The plaque on the wall of the Mt. Everest primary school in Uganda


Connect with Ian Taylor
E-mail: ian@iantaylortrekking.com
Website: www.iantaylortrekking.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IanTaylorTrekking/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Everestclimber


On May 23, 2008, Ian Taylor became the youngest Irishman to stand on the top of the world. In June 2007 Ian and his friend set out to climb four mountains on four continents in one year with Mount Everest being the final climb. Before June 2007, he had only climbed one mountain over 5,000m. Ian also took on a charity element, raising $100,000 to build the Mt. Everest primary school in Uganda with Irish charity Fields of Life.
From + 40c to – 40c Ian braved his own fears, demons, and the mountains. He saved a fellow climber’s life and four months after being told he wasn’t the right material for Everest by two professionals, he successfully made it to the summit of Mount Everest. This was a true story of teamwork, drive and ultimately success.
Based in the US and Ireland, Ian has years of experience of managing teams in a business environment. He also leads and trains teams for mountain expeditions around the world and has done so with great success. Ian has climbed Kilimanjaro 23 times now, aiming for 50 summits, he has led hundreds of people to reach their goals in the mountains. A team Ian led to Kilimanjaro in September 2011 released a book about their journey. Contact us to get a copy. Ian’s Motivational Presentations will leave your audience inspired to take on their own personal challenges in life.
Ian’s Everest DVD Documentary ‘A Summit Calling’ is one to watch out for and he also has a book coming out on his amazing story. – “A phenomenal journey, A story that needs to be told” –  Jim O’Dea Sports and cultural council. Contact us to get your own DVD today.
Ian has helped numerous others on their road to climb Mt. Everest and is leading a team for their ascent of Mt. Everest in 2020, using his skills to help others achieve their dreams on Everest. Ian manages his own trekking company, Ian Taylor Trekking, training teams for their treks around the world. Ian is a team leader and motivational and leisure consultant. Ian is also leading a team on a new route to the South Pole, filming a feature film, and raising money for more educational projects around the world.

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