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James Cusumano: Helping Others Find Purpose

Published on 01/13/2021

What is your life’s purpose?

My Life Purpose is to draw on decades of personal and professional experiences to create specific means for anyone to find and follow their Life Purpose.

My motivation for this purpose is my strong belief that as more people find and pursue their Life Purpose, the world will be faced with fewer critical challenges, and humanity will move increasingly towards sustainability.


How are you living your purpose?

I’ve been fortunate to have succeeded over the years in an eclectic array of professions in science, technology, and entertainment. My progression was as follows: A recording artist (in the early Rock & Roll music industry) –> Research scientist –> R & D Director in corporate America –> Entrepreneur (cofounder of 2 public companies—one in clean energy—the other in pharmaceuticals; the latter became a billion dollar company before being sold) –> Executive Producer of an internationally distributed feature film (“What Matters Most” 2002) –> Renovation and opening of Central Europe’s first Green, luxury, castle-hotel, spa, and forest retreat (Chateau Mcely, outside of Prague) –> Author of 10 fiction and non-fiction book.

Success in these adventures came primarily by surrounding myself with people who were more talented and knowledgeable than I, learning how to motivate them to be greater than they had imagined, and sharing with them the rewards of our efforts together.

To help others learn, find, and follow their Life Purpose, I pursue three avenues— 1. Writing fiction and nonfiction books; 2. Publishing articles online; 3. Giving lectures and seminars at Chateau Mcely.

These three avenues focus on finding your “True North,” namely, those uncompromisable values you hold near and dear; and then looking inside to your soul, to discover what I call your Essence—innate talents you came into this world with; then looking outside to the world for Needs that, if properly addressed, would make it a better place, and bring benefits to you and those around you.

You have then found your Life Purpose and completed the most difficult step on your path to Fulfillment and Happiness. You will experience deep Passion, which will enable you to weather any challenges ahead. But you are well on your way to Long-term Happiness. The process goes something like this.

The Path to Happiness: Values –> Essence –> Need –> Life Purpose –> Passion –> Energy –> Creativity –>   Innovation –> Reward –> Gratefulness –> Fulfillment –> Happiness

It proceeds this way. After you have agreed with yourself as to you Values and Essence, you work at finding a Need in the world that requires help and can possibly be addressed by your skillset. Then, you must work to find ways that you can address that need with your Essence, or natural gifts. Once you do, you will awaken deep Passion, which will ignite high levels of physical and emotional Energy, so much so, at times you may have to remember to eat and sleep. This Energy will unleash high levels of Creativity that will generate Innovation. You will begin to solve problems in ways you never thought possible. This will bring Rewards, which may be financial, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or some combination of the four. You will find yourself in a state of Gratefulness, which is always a source of long-term Happiness. There is much more “between the lines” here, and you can read about it in two of my books, BALANCE: The Business-Life Connection and Life Is Beautiful: 12 Universal Rules.


How did you find your purpose?

I found my Life Purpose through the intercession of two “Giants” in my life—my mom and dad. My mom encouraged me at a young age to express my talents as a singer and keyboard player in the entertainment realm, which I did with success and enjoyment. My dad thought he could spike my desire to become a physician by giving me a chemistry set for Christmas. Instead, it sparked my interest in science. I eventually received a Ph.D. in physical chemistry.  Both science and entertainment played key roles as I meshed them with my business interests on my professional journey through life.

Another important point—something I gradually and intuitively learned as I progressed professionally—We all experience a kind of social-cultural hypnosis, starting from the moment of birth, more often than not, entering our subconscious by certain well-intentioned people around us. Neuroscientists tell us that about 80 percent of what we do is motivated and controlled by our subconscious mind. You must eventually decide which of the things in your subconscious no longer serve you well and work to dispel them. This you can do by raising you level of consciousness and the best way to do that is through frequent meditation.

A final point concerning my writing strategy. To complement the material I address in non-fiction books, I developed for my novels, a technique, which I call “Wisdom Fiction”—offering the reader an exciting storyline, while simultaneously integrating throughout the narrative, the power and usefulness of important concepts such as, consciousness, meditation, life purpose and passion. My latest novel, I Can See Clearly: Rise of A Supernatural Hero does that.


What advice do you have for purpose seekers?

Follow the Path to Happiness described above—and be patient. It’s not an overnight process.

Learn to meditate daily—even just 20 minutes. There are numerous resources. I particularly like those by Deepak Chopra, especially his 21-day Mediation on Abundance. It’s great for beginners.

Be patient and forgiving of yourself, as you proceed. There are no mistakes, only “learnings.”

You must decide to “Do what you love, and love what you do!” If you accomplish this, you will enjoy your entire journey through life, even when there are bumps in the road.

Enjoy your life! Make a difference!

With Deepak Chopra

What resources do you recommend? 

Expanding Awareness and Consciousness
Eckart Tolle, A New Earth
Neville Goddard, The Essential Collection; Collected Works of Neville Goddard
Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now; A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to The Fulfillment of Your Dreams

Creating a Fulfilled Life
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist — Rich in powerful comments on creating a fulfilled life
Lance Secretan, The Spark, The Flame, and The Torch: Inspire Self, Inspire Others, Inspire the World

Conscious & Inspirational Leadership
The World Business Academy
Tony Schwartz, The Power of Full Engagement
Lance Secretan, ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership


Connect with James A. Cusumano:
Contact page
Book: I Can See Clearly: Rise of a Supernatural Hero
Website: https://jimthealchymist.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-a-cusumano-7a00108/

James A. Cusumano is the author of ten books, including a new novel I Can See Clearly: Rise of A Supernatural Hero. Cusumano has been a successful entertainer, scientist, corporate executive, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and holistic hotelier. The narratives in his books draw on his professional experience and expertise. His interests are the Nature of Consciousness and Inspirational Leadership, as they apply to the purpose and meaning of life. His books often draw on the intersection of quantum physics and Eastern thought. Cusumano is an alchymist and lives in Prague with his wife, Inez, and teenage daughter, Julia. They are the owners of Chateau Mcely, an internationally acclaimed castle/hotel/spa and forest retreat located on the edge of the city. For more information, please visit https://jimthealchymist.com

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