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Let’s Hear From An Expert: Jane Pollak, Coach to Entrepreneurial Women

Published on 12/03/2015

You leverage your 30+ years of business experience to coach women and help them turn their passion into their business. Why is midlife a good time for women to consider launching a business?

Midlife is often the perfect time to launch a business because so many of the questions in your life have already been answered. At this stage of life, women have more stability and more self-confidence and this spurs them to finally go after what they really want to do. I also think many women begin to realize that it can be more challenging finding the right job than creating your own job, especially one that allows you to follow your passion.

What challenges await women, particularly those in midlife, as they consider launching a business?

There can be many demands on your time – particularly for women of the sandwich generation who are caretaking both children and parents. But this challenge is often met by creating a business that supports your lifestyle financially and with regard to flexibility. Starting a new business brings some financial risk so women need to have a plan to ensure they have the income they need to meet their needs.

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How do you work to coach these women?

I coach women to identify their passion by asking them what they really want. I believe they already have the answers. What they need is someone to harness their vision, to assist them in uncovering the questions and answers they’re facing, and to hold them accountable.

I encourage all of my clients to embark on specific, measurable goals and take progressive action to attain their vision. They are usually amazed by what they can and do accomplish. I work with women both one-on-one and in groups, both in-person and remotely via Skype.

Jane talking to Linda MacC  

Can you give us a few examples of women who came to you at 40 or older and how you helped them launch their business (with names and links for promotional purposes)?

Lisa Corrado, a successful 47-year-old business owner, has been in my Mastermind for three years. This year, having recently undergone a cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy, Lisa came to the Mastermind with an idea on how to help people with positive transformation following adversity. Lisa explains, “My idea started very small but Jane’s Mastermind got things percolating and I realized it was the foundation of a whole new business. Jane is amazing at fueling your growth by helping you to think and dream bigger than you ever could on your own.” You can learn more about Lisa’s new business at The Felix Culpa Project.

Another business owner who has benefited from my Mastermind is 45-year-old Christina Frei. Christina wanted to launch a business that would train businesses and entrepreneurs on the use of an effective focusing technique. However, she was overwhelmed by all the choices she needed to make to get her business off the ground. Christina says, “Jane has a way of bringing out your higher self. The mastermind she runs is incredible. It helped me set progressive goals that led me to landing my first client.” You can learn more about Christina’s new business at Quiet Leaders Go Big.

with Christina Frei

With Christina Frei


What other programs and workshops do you offer women?

In addition to my Mastermind program, I regularly host the Remarkable Women’s Network for women to network, examine challenges, and share best practices. I’m also planning a retreat this winter for twenty women who are ready to experience the extraordinary rewards of deep personal growth. Those interested in learning more can visit this page.

Jane front of room

Contact Jane Pollak at jane@janepollak.com or 347-878-6096

CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

400 W. 63rd Street, Suite 602, New York, NY 10069

Book: Soul Proprietor: 101 Lessons from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur






 happy jane at Maple GlenJane Pollak is one of the Northeast’s foremost coaches of entrepreneurial women and a living example of how to turn a passion into a thriving business. Having transformed her art into a thriving, profitable business, Jane now guides other remarkable women entrepreneurs in their own journey toward uncommon success.

A nationally recognized speaker, certified coach, author, blogger, and lifestyle entrepreneur with over 30 years of business experience, Jane loves sharing inspirational, yet practical, lessons with like-minded entrepreneurs.

HeleneTStelian Musing
I’m Hélène Stelian, the Midlife Mentor with a passion for facilitating personal development in women 40+. Through my THRIVE Courses, I help introspective, curious, action-oriented women 40+ deepen their journeys of self-discovery and growth—and create their next chapter with courage and intention.



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  1. Haralee

    Mastermind groups are fabulous! What makes a great one is of course the facilitator, like Jane!

  2. Kim Acedo

    Wonderful interview! Thank you, Jane, for guiding so many women over 50 to their next career. There is so much wisdom women over 50 can contribute to the world. Thanks for sharing what you do.

  3. The Mediator

    So great to see how women are catching up these days and becoming more and more entrepreneurs. For too long men have ruled this scene but women carry their own skillset and can proof a welcome addition to the current situation.


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