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Let’s Hear From An Expert: Kathy Kaehler, Celebrity Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Spokesperson

Published on 10/08/2015

You have helped women meet their health and fitness goals for over two decades. What is your philosophy?

My philosophy has been the same for decades. Health and fitness goals are a lifestyle. I don’t believe in the word D—T for how to lose weight. I learned that from my friend Richard Simmons. The first three letters are DIE. I also believe that nothing happens overnight and in living a life of moderation—never going overboard with anything.

In your experience, what challenges do women face as they enter their middle years, at 40 and beyond?  

The biggest challenge for women in midlife, myself included, is having your body no longer respond to your requests. Loss of bone and muscle sneaks up you and then BAM! You are like, “What is THAT???”

I also believe that women deal with the sandwich generation much more than men in their 40s. Taking care of your own kids and your parents at the same time. HOLY HELL I didn’t sign up for both jobs did I? This is very difficult for women who are also facing the loss of hormones due to perimenopause and menopause.


What opportunities do you see for these same women?

I see the opportunity to improve strength, perseverance, and power, to feel empowered, and to recognize the importance of girlfriends. Complete and utter dedication to your body is the most important opportunity—you have to grab it and run with it.


What advice do you give women in midlife, especially those who are struggling to begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle?  

Don’t give up.  Don’t try everything that comes your way; don’t get lured by advertising with its celebrity “retouched” images. Look for someone with credibility and longevity in the health and wellness business, someone who hasn’t sold out for the money. Look for someone like me!

I have taken the time to find products and practices that work, that actually give women what they are looking for, and pride myself on my ethics. You may not end up with the PERFECT body but no one has that; however, I know what to do and what to recommend to help women feel good; that is what is important.


KathyKaehler_Cards-200x300What services do you offer these women, either individually or through your programs? How are your programs unique?

I am unique because whatever you do with me, whether it is taking me up on my free consultation service on my website, comment and engage in conversation on my social media platforms, contact me via email or phone, YOU ARE GETTING ME. Nothing automated, nothing pre-programmed. Everyone is different and unique and their needs are different.

I have helped many women to get weight off; to sleep better; to eat better; to be more hydrated; to have more energy; to stop living with and eating chemicals. These were all their challenges. I have helped them by teaching them better choices and getting them to products that actually do work. Then I get to see the results.


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Fitness Hall of Famer and nationally-recognized healthy living spokesperson Kathy Kaehler is America’s go-to resource for the best in knowledge, products, and programs, captivating audiences across the country with her exceptional combination of unparalleled knowledge and real-world experience.

IMG_4697For more than two decades Kathy has been a trusted expert in the national media spotlight, helping everyone from the soccer mom to the celebrity superstar get in shape and adopt a healthy lifestyle. A working mom who has worked with A-list Hollywood celebrities including Julia Roberts, Michele Pfeiffer, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Aniston, Kathy is the creator of Sunday Set-Up,™ an online subscription program featuring a signature system for organizing food at the beginning of the week, ensuring healthy snacks and meals make it to the table all week long. Celebrities including Tiffany Theissen, Melissa Rivers, Nancy O’Dell, Angie Harmon, Lisa Rinna, and Rebecca Romijn have embraced Sunday Set-Up, along with thousands of families across the nation, making it a perfect medium for highlighting brands, products, and foods that support healthy living.

A hands-on healthy living advocate who passionately lives what she teaches, Kathy is in demand as a spokesperson who loves to share the best in products, programs, and nutrition with fans who look to her for guidance and inspiration for healthy living. She continues to serve as the celebrity spokesperson for international health and nutrition company USANA and has worked with other high-profile brands including Pretzel Crisps, HealthyOnes, Propel, Vaseline, Nasonex, Ragu, Boniva, Milk Board, Chilean Fruit Board, MioWatch, Walkmill, Serta, Breyers, and Enell. While representing the Walkmill, Kathy appeared twice on QVC, each time selling out the portable treadmill.

As a prolific and best-selling author, Kathy’s most recent book, Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged, supports mothers who want to live energized and fulfilled lives, for themselves and for their families. Other previous titles include Teenage Fitness: Get Fit, Look Good, and Feel Great!, Kathy Kaehler’s Celebrity Workouts: How to Get a Hollywood Body in Just 30 Minutes a Day, Real-World Fitness: Fun and innovative ways to help you sneak in activity at home, at work and with the kids and Fit and Sexy For Life: The Hormone-Free Plan for Staying Slim, Strong, and Fabulous in Your Forties, Fifties, and Beyond. She currently writes a weekly blog for The Huffington Post and has written for Elle, Self, and Women’s Sports and Fitness and provided training tips for InStyle, Us Weekly, Shape, Fitness, Family Circle, Health, More, Woman’s Day magazines, MSNBC.com and more.

To learn more about Kathy and join the millions of followers, fans, and celebrities who are connected to her and always want to know what she’s up to, you can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and at her website.


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