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I am the author of three books, all aimed at taking overwhelming subjects and simplifying them into streamlined, step-by-step approaches to preparation. They are also loaded with resources and in e-book formats to facilitate access to the hundreds of links I include.

Getting Ready For Baby

Getting Ready for Baby

Building on the success of the original Getting Ready for Baby, this brand new edition offers even more along with tried-and-true features, thoroughly updated to meet the needs of today’s expectant parents.

Finding the Right Colleges for You

Finding the Right Colleges for You

Finding the Right Colleges for You is the one book you’ll need to sort through thousands of colleges and find the dozen or so schools that are the right match for you.

Moving to College: What to Do, What to Learn, What to Pack

Moving to College

Are you getting ready to move to college this fall? In the midst of all the excitement, you might feel overwhelmed as you find countless to-do, how-to, and what-to-pack lists online.

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