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Personal Apps and Services

Cutback Coach

I wasn’t happy with how much I was drinking but I didn’t want to quit, and was excited to find this app, which has helped me reduce my Chardonnay consumption by half. It’s all about awareness and accountability! After my 15-day free trial, I signed up for the year. At only $79, it’s well worth it and I’ve already recouped the cost many times over in foregone consumption.

Be My Eyes

When I heard about this, I had to sign up. This free app connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers. With a special ring, I’m alerted to get on a live video call and help. I last assisted a woman who wanted to make sure she’d addressed an envelope correctly. It feels good to do good!


This free app allows me to easily transfer money to service providers. Seems to be the way to tip these days too.


I’ve used the free version (yes, there are ads) to host two small cocktail parties on our patio this summer and I love it.


I don’t make as many photo books now that our girls are grown but I’m sure I’ll return to this if and when grandchildren appear. Also great for invitations, holiday cards, photo gifts, and more.

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