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Resources for Small Business Owners

Freedom Connect Services

I can’t say enough about my fabulous VAs, helmed by husband-and-wife dream team Robert and Tiffany. We began working together in early 2021 and I’m not sure how I ever ran my business without them. I love them so much I created a video testimonial! 

Steve Decker

My business coach introduced me to Steve when I was looking for support on my website and he has been a godsend! He works on both PCs and Macs and can log onto your computer with you remotely to help troubleshoot. If Steve can’t fix your tech issue, no one can. He has packages but I have used him hourly as needed.


I have used AWeber as my email marketing tool for years now and I love its ease of use and great how-to videos. Best of all is the amazing support. A team member will get on the phone with me and troubleshoot any issues and teach me how to do it myself next time (then send me a follow up email with details). And the price is very reasonable. 

Smart Quiz Builder by AppSumo

When I wanted to try a quiz as a free gift to my audience, I searched high and wide and considered some costly options with monthly fees. Then my VA team introduced me to this inexpensive one-time-fee alternative, a WordPress plugin which does everything I need and works great.


There is no better platform for virtual engagement. And it helps that during Covid, everyone learned how to use it too. A no-brainer.


This is a super easy (and free) way to record short videos. I’ll record my screen to explain an issue I’m having then send it to my VA team. Or I’ll record a short greeting and send it to a new member.  

Doodle Polls

When I need to figure out a time that works best for a group, I use the free version of Doodle.

PayPal for Business

I started my coaching business using PayPal and it’s still my favorite way to make and receive payments.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Once I began interviewing experts in my Facebook lives, then engaging speakers for my membership, I wanted an easy and free way to sign speaker agreements remotely. This is the best! 

Stickies Apple App

This has been around for a long time but I only recently discovered it. It’s like sticking a Post-It note on your laptop, but digitally! Now I keep my top priorities on these stickies front and center as a good reminder. And it’s free!