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She Made Me Laugh Out Loud!

I don’t remember how I first came across Australian comedian Celeste Barber, but I remember laughing out loud at her antics. Since 2015, she’s been showing up on camera to poke fun at celebrities and models with their over-the-top outfits, impossibly “perfect” bodies, and often awkward poses. I find her absolutely fearless and supremely delightful. But don’t take it from me; check out the images and videos that populate her Instagram feed.

Celeste led me to wonder… What does it mean to be fearless? 

To me, it means showing up as a real human being, without pretense—open, honest, and vulnerable. It means owning and speaking my story, in all its uncomfortable messiness. It means letting go of the need to impress, to please, to put up appearances, to be liked.

It means getting out of my head and feeling into my body. It means facing my flaws and apologizing for my mistakes—with self-compassion. It means standing up for myself, setting boundaries, and advocating for others. It means taking action even when I’m not ready (because I’ll never be “ready”).

And so much more… But in sum, I’d say it means striving to live in integrity, to make myself proud. And the word striving is key here, because I am a work-in-progress, and the work is never done.

YOUR TURN: What does being fearless mean to YOU?

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