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Navigating the Midlife Transition

In midlife, many of us will face an overload of demands.

Common midlife struggles include aging parents, relationship problems, health concerns, and identity questions—it’s no surprise that these middle years have been shown to be the lowest in happiness!

Many of us will feel a need to examine who we are, where we’ve been, and what we want out of our second half. 

In this talk, we delve into the challenges and opportunities of midlife, and we learn the critical steps we need to take in order not only to survive but to thrive, in middle age and beyond.

Moms Facing the Empty Nest

I worry I’ll never find the kind of fulfillment I felt as a mother.
I’m scared that the best years of my life are behind me.
I wonder: What’s next for me?

Does any of this resonate? Many of us—especially full-time mothers—will feel a keen sense of loss and longing when our teens leave home. We will question our role and purpose if it’s not to be caregivers to our children. Add to that common midlife struggles around aging parents, intimate relationships, and health concerns, and this is the “perfect storm” of stressors.

At this time, it will be critical for us to get clear on who we are and where to find meaning now that the kids are gone, and how to create a life of joy and fulfillment in the empty nest. In this talk we’ll learn the critical steps to do just that.

Create a Life of Purpose

Most people say their goal in life is to be happy and many believe that more money is the key to attaining that goal; the research disagrees.

One of the key factors in increasing happiness is living a life of purpose.

But what does that mean, exactly? And how does one actually do this?

In this talk, we define what purpose means to us, debunk common myths about purpose, and learn the essential questions we need to ask in order to discover our purpose and live it day in, day out—at any age.


High-Content and Interactive

Hélène can turn any of her courses into workshops, from one hour duration to multi-day events. Your audience will leave with valuable insights and tools they’ll be ready to put into practice right away.


From Podcasts to TV

Hélène is an experienced interviewer and interviewee! She has spoken dozens of times in many media, including podcasts, summits, radio, and TV. She also enjoys moderating panels.

“Hélène is an electrifying and eloquent public speaker. She is both informative and entertaining, engaging the audience as she intersperses her advice with anecdotes and refreshing doses of humor.”

–Claudia, Glencoe Women’s Library Club

“Hélène is a professional, thoughtful leader who was very easy to work with in planning our event. She understands creating a safe space for sharing to promote authenticity. I highly recommend working with her.”

–Xyla Gatilao, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

“Hi, Helene, Just want to say how much I enjoyed the ‘Covid Lockdown’ Zoom program last Friday. What a masterful, yet seemingly very natural, presentation you offered of your own thoughts and encouragement for others to reflect on the questions you posed. You  communicated a sense of authenticity, concern, and calm that was reassuring and yet not cloying. I loved the breakout sessions. I haven’t done that before. It overcame the frustration I have felt on some Zoom calls where there are too many people to feel involved in the discussion. I especially liked getting to know the other two women in my group–we exchanged a bit about our background–which helped us connect before focusing on the question(s).  It was a marvel to see upon return to the group how transformed the mood of individuals had become. Brava!”

–Ann Brody, IWA Member and Owner, Career Solutions

“Thank you for a wonderful Zoom meeting today to our Transition Network group. You are so gifted in leading these programs and I appreciate you sharing your gifts during this challenging time in human history. You are so wise, so comforting, and a remarkable facilitator. Looking forward to more of your programs!”

–Dorothy Balabanos, TTN member

“I loved Helene’s Zoom program and the breakout rooms were fabulous! Definitely a good way to connect on a more personal scale. How cool to speak to this lovely woman in Montana all the way from my home in Illinois. I found the discussion so powerful and uplifting, and left feeling rejuvenated.”

–Alice Moody, Platinum Pen Consulting 

“Thanks to Helene for doing such an amazing job facilitating our group on Zoom this morning. It was such a wonderful way for all of us to feel connected by our concerns, things we love to do during this time, and lessons we are continuing to learn about ourselves and our abilities to be resilient and flexible during these uncertain times. I am feeling very peaceful and content after our meeting this morning and wish I could hug all the ladies who shared their vulnerabilities.”

–Ann-Marie Downing

“Dear Helene, I want to THANK YOU for the awesome zoom meeting you provided. It gave me ideas to think about, women to  talk about them with,  and a lift to my spirits, in this strange time of coved 19. There is hope if we just hang in there.”

–Sandy Camlek

“Hélène dispels the midlife crisis myth while articulately and concisely sharing ideas for embracing the opportunities of this unique time in one’s life.”

–DeeDee McCabe, Parent Education Committee, North Shore Country Day School, Winnetka IL

“Hélène was outstanding, our guests loved her!  It is rare to find a speaker that engages the entire audience, but Hélène certainly did.  Not only was her presentation incredibly relevant, it was thoughtfully and professionally presented.  Hélène is an absolute dream to work with.  I would recommend her to any group – hands down!”

–Carrie Blaine, Chicago Chapter Administrator, Young Presidents’ Organization

“I greatly enjoyed Hélène’s talk. It was funny and engaging, but also thought provoking and practical. Switching gears in midlife is something that many, if not most, women will contemplate, but can feel overwhelming. She spoke in a relatable way about the struggles and rewards, and offered useful, clear suggestions as to how to begin and be successful in the process.”

–Ann A.

“Hélène’s workshop on the inner critic “really really helped me identify these awful voices in my head and find a way to combat them. Thank you! This was awesome!”


“Hélène’s talk had everything:  content, delivery and humor. I go to many events and I think she was better than many of the professional speakers they get. Hélène had the audience interested and with her the entire way.  I also loved the list of top things women did when they were finding themselves. This is good advice.”

–Denise H.

“I saw Hélène speak at a luncheon recently. Helene not only shares inspirational stories, but she delivers them in an accessible, clear, entertaining way. She is clearly comfortable with public speaking and knows how to engage an audience. I would highly recommend her—and not only to women of a certain age. She has collected thoughts and wisdom useful to all.”

–Patti Sherry-Crews

“Hélène does a great job fostering community through her talks. She validates each person’s experience while openly sharing her own. I always bond with other attendees and stay on at the end to talk some more.”

–Shaily H.

“Hélène’s presentation was engaging and inspiring. She articulated beautifully the opportunities, challenges and feelings that come with midlife for women… with hope and humor.”


“Overcoming Impostor Syndrome was incredibly valuable. This is a topic of interest for me and something I have struggled with personally. It was refreshing for this topic to be discussed and to realize that those of us who struggle with this are not alone. It provided a ton of insights as to what contributes to someone developing Impostor Syndrome, as well as many helpful tips on how to overcome it and feel more confident.”

–Lisa J.

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