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Susan Goldberg, Empowering Young Professionals

Published on 07/18/2018

What is your life’s purpose?
To develop the next generation of leaders while working with organizations to recognize their value, engage them, and retain them longer.

How are you living your purpose?
I co-authored a book, Leadership in Wonderland, to empower young professionals I saw struggling with communication skills and a lack of confidence in leading others.

I am on the Board of Governors of my prep school, Newark Academy, as the Chair of Alumni Career Development to offer career-oriented programs and information to alums.

Based on years of executive search consulting and career coaching working with Millennial professionals, I launched a business, Susan Goldberg Leadership Consulting, focusing solely on Millennial leadership development and retention as a powerful benefit of offering the right leadership tools to emerging leaders.


How did you find your purpose?
My purpose grew out of the work I was already doing. I saw there was a need that was not being met by organizations and their current training and development programs. Current programs were not catering to the specific needs of Millennials. Organizations weren’t paying attention to the fact they now had a significantly distinct audience. Technology, education, values of the times, attitudes, and parenting mores influenced and differentiated their history and experience from previous generations.

I wanted to help the businesses that couldn’t hold on to their enterprising newer talent partially because they were pushing them into roles for which they were not prepared, while also bolstering the newly promoted leaders who were wrestling with the pressures and responsibilities of leading others. In addition, I wanted to foster communication in an organization to embrace a mix of talent.

What advice do you have for purpose seekers?
It takes real courage to find your purpose. Only through trying new things and taking different actions than you had previously, breaking from your norm, can you discover a new path for yourself.

It’s also gathering the courage to seek help from others to get you there. Asking for help can be frightening, particularly if you are the type of person who is very self-reliant, however, everybody needs feedback to see outside themselves. If you surround yourself with people who want to support you and see you succeed, then advice will always come from a good place.


What resources do you recommend?
You need to find a mentor or hire an executive coach. Whatever it is, you can’t do it on your own without support. I couldn’t be doing what I love to do if it weren’t for two mentors who pushed me out of my comfort zone.

The first was a marketing coach, Geri Mazur of Geri Mazur Marketing, who helped me with initial positioning based on speeches and writing I had already done on hiring and retaining Millennials and stories I shared about mentoring and coaching emerging talent as clients.

The second was a former corporate HR executive and business analyst, Francine Parham, who compelled me to give up executive search consulting to make an all out move toward leadership development. She recognized the passion in me before I was willing to embrace it.

In each phase of my growth, working with a mentor has helped me reach further and stretch beyond what I think I’m capable of. They’ve been right so far.

Other resources:  speeches, podcasts, YouTube videos and seminars hosted by professional groups or individuals to expand your knowledge. Some of my favorite podcasts:
Creative Pep Talk
The Leadership Podcast
The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast
How I Built This with Guy Raz

Additional reading material:
O Magazine
Fast Company


Connect with Susan Goldberg
Email: Susan@SusanGoldbergLeadership.com
Facebook Page
Book: Leadership in Wonderland: Because sometimes leadership feels like you’re falling down the rabbit hole


Susan Goldberg is the founder and CEO of Susan Goldberg Leadership Consulting focusing on emerging leadership.  After years of working in the executive search industry with a large variety of clients, she noticed many companies are not equipping their young professionals with the right skills to become leaders.

Since the 1990s, she saw a lot of young people stepping into senior roles but within 6 months they wound up faltering, failing and/or leaving. Susan specializes in developing millennial talent and started a company to solve that problem. Susan offers a number of services from small group coaching sessions to speaking at board meetings and retreats. She gives Millennials the soft skill sets they need to better execute in business and ultimately step into leadership roles. She ultimately offers all her clients peace of mind, a safety net, and protection for the future of their companies with the talent they already have.

Susan works with companies, departments or teams who are experiencing challenges retaining young high potential talent and/or developing them into successful leaders. She is the author of “Leadership in Wonderland”, a unique approach on how to become a more confident leader. Before leadership placement and development, she was a marketing director and consultant to various industries.

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