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What Do People Love—That You Can’t Stand?

Published on 10/10/2021

This past week, I asked this question in my Facebook group: What’s something a lot of people love that you can’t stand? In my group, I love to share interesting articles to promote discussion around topics that are meaningful to women 40+. Still, it’s often the more everyday questions, like the one above, that get the most engagement. They are fun and easy to respond to—and also get a few laughs!

Not surprisingly, a lot of answers related to food and drink. My own was coffee. Yep, I hate coffee. I can’t take even one sip without gagging. Some have tried to convince me that with the proper addition of milk and sugar, I’m sure to like it. My counter? I don’t like coffee ice cream. So yes, no amount of delicious cream and sugar is going to make coffee palatable to me. My parents drink theirs black so it’s not about not growing up with coffee in the house.

Other popular food dislikes included sushi, avocado, goat cheese, caviar. Then there were the outliers who hate ice cream, pickles, yogurt, pumpkin spice, bacon, ketchup, peanut butter, salmon, shrimp… Outside of foods, we covered a lot of ground, from horror movies to SpongeBob SquarePants, Thanksgiving to small talk, eating outside to driving with the windows open.

Not everything we do has to be serious. I love to share my quirks and learn others’ too. And in the process, celebrate our innate uniqueness.

YOUR TURN: Reply in the comments! What’s something others seem to love but you can’t stand?

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  1. Sally Waddell

    “Fail” videos, especially the kind where people, even children, fall spectacularly. All I can think when I see these is that they don’t show the outcome. These people could have been really hurt. And at a minimum, I’m sure these scenarios where really scary for the people involved. I hate them but they are very prevalent on social media.

    • Hélène

      I’m with you!! Scary stuff and not so funny to me!


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