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Are You a Woman on a Mission?

Are you passionate about something and yearning to spread the word?

Maybe it’s a social cause or nonprofit you’re advocating for…

A fun hobby or pastime you’re encouraging others to try…

An essential skill or practice you love to teach.

My bet is that there are other women in my community who’ll be interested, and I’d be delighted to introduce you and your passion to my audience.

Join me for a YouTube Live!

This can be a presentation or a conversation, your pick! We go for 20 minutes or so then respond to any questions from the live audience.

You WILL be able to make a free or paid offer (for a product or service, program or book, podcast or blog, nonprofit or cause, etc.) at the end of the session but it will not be the focus. The primary goal will be for you to teach or enlighten others through your talents and passions.    


Please go to my YouTube channel, Empowering Women in Midlife and watch a few of the past interviews I’ve conducted so you get a flavor for how these go and so you make sure you’re comfortable with the format. 

Then fill out the form below. If I’m in agreement that the topic is a good fit for my audience, I’ll email you to move forward.

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