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Let’s Hear From an Expert: Kim Acedo, Virtual Wellness Coach to Women in Their 50s

Published on 09/03/2015

KimAcedoHeadshot1In your work as a wellness coach, why have you chosen to focus on women in their 50s?

I believe that a woman in her 50s has earned three gifts so far in her lifetime—wisdom, experience, and maturity; as a result, midlife is the optimal time for her to make a healthy change and undergo a transformation in her life. Also, I’ve found that when women hit 50, most of them are more committed and eager than ever to create a healthier and more joyful second half of life.


What challenges do you see these women facing in midlife when it comes to their wellbeing?

One of the challenges that hinder women in midlife from becoming their healthiest selves is that many of them have been putting themselves on the back burner for many years. They also fall prey to self-limiting beliefs, like they won’t be able to lose the weight or reach their health goals. Finally, I see many women who feel alone because they lack the necessary support that’s going to keep them motivated and encouraged along the way. I’ve discovered that these three areas—proper self-care, developing a growth mindset, and having a strong support system—are critical to a woman’s health success in midlife.


What opportunities do you leverage in working with these women of a “certain age”?

With advances in technology, medicine, and healthcare, it won’t be uncommon for us to live to be 100 years old. So, when women hit their 50s, it really IS considered the second half of life. I help my clients see that this time in their life has great possibilities for creating the future of their dreams. Hearing them envision what “could be” in their next 50 years, and watching them move toward a body that supports those dreams, is the most fulfilling part of my practice.


What philosophy do you espouse and share with your clients?

The most effective way that my clients make healthy changes in their lives is for them to sit in the driver’s seat and take the wheel. One of my philosophies is that I do not prescribe anything to my clients. I don’t prescribe meal plans or exercise; rather, I coach them toward improving health habits THEIR way. What I’ve discovered is that it doesn’t help them if I provide all the answers for them. I believe that THEY hold all the answers and it is my job as their coach to help them discover those answers and what’s going to work for their specific life and situation.


Describe how you work with your clients and what types of services you provide.

SD KIM ACEDO TRANS LOGO 400I believe we as a society tend to over-complicate health, causing women to get easily overwhelmed and confused when it comes to what exactly they should be doing. Instead, I make it very simple. I coach my clients toward improving their sleep, food, mood (stress), and exercise habits through my ReINVENT Your Health, ReINVENT Your Life, and Flourishing in Your 50s programs. Most clients begin in ReINVENT Your Health, which is a 6-week online course that includes three small group coaching sessions held over the phone. I have found that my clients open up more when they feel comfortable and safe, which for most women is in their own home; this is part of the reason I’ve chosen to have a virtual coaching practice.

I have several clients who started with me only sleeping 4-5 hours a night, stressed out, and overweight. Other women come to me with unhealthy eating habits and are rarely physically active during the week. After these women go through my ReINVENT Your Health program, many of them notice positive changes immediately. Most of them begin sleeping better, eating healthier, exercising more regularly, and not carrying around nearly as much stress as they used to. Most importantly, they’re creating new healthy habits that will compound over time allowing them to continue to benefit from their new healthy life over and over again because they live in a body that now supports the life they want to live.


What resources do you recommend to women in their 50s?

I highly recommend the book Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person’s Guide to Optimal Health and Performance by Marie-Josée Shaar, which my ReINVENT Your Health course is based on. There are so many great blogs out there for women in midlife, but I’d like to highlight three that I interviewed recently on my blog: Anne Boyd of Am I Vintage Yet?, Suzanne Stavert of Adventures of Empty Nesters, and Susan Street of Fifty, Not Frumpy.


How can readers stay in touch with you?

The best place to stay connected with me is Facebook. In fact, I’d like to invite women in their 50s who want to stay motivated and inspired on their quest to healthier and more joyful midlife to join my Facebook group. You can also visit my website to learn more about me. My mission is to serve women. Please feel free to reach out anytime with any questions or hot topics you may have. I’m here to serve you!


Contact Kim:

Email – kim@transformationwellnessforwomen.com

Phone – (626) 817-3335

Learn more on my Website


About Kim:

Kim Acedo believes that a healthy life is a life you’ll love!

She partners with women in their 50s who are ready, willing, and able to make a healthy change in their lives and coaches them toward improving their Sleep, Food, Mood, and Exercise habits so that they can live healthier and happier life.

Kim has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology, is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and is the owner of Transformation Wellness for Women where she works with her clients virtually in the comfort of their own home or office.


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  1. Suzanne Stavert

    Fantastic interview. Kim is everything she says and 1,000 times more! I know first hand by taking her course and she has helped me to focus on me for a change and my strengths. Kim sincerely wants you to live the life of your dreams and will do anything to help.

    • Kim Acedo

      Thanks, Suzanne! I LOVED having you and some of your friends in my course. It brought you all together and you started going on regular hikes together which was fantastic! Now that you’ve relocated to Seattle for a few months, I hope you can find places to workout or new friends to be active with. You always have Rocco! 😉


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